Pet surgeries

Greenbrier Veterinary Clinic offers both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery services. Each clinic has a fully equipped surgical suite to ensure that your pet is well-cared for should surgery be necessary. For patients undergoing surgery, we have some of the newest monitoring equipment available to try to ensure the safety of your pet while under anesthesia. This includes the ability to monitor electrocardiograms, pulse oximetry, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure–all of which allows us to evaluate your pet’s heart and lungs while under anesthesia.

Surgical procedures include but are not limited to spays and neuters, growth removals, oral surgery, minor eye and ear procedures, abdominal exploratories including gastrointestinal surgery, urogenital surgery (ie-kidney stones, bladder stones, tumors, etc.), as well as liver and splenic surgery. Orthopedic surgeries including fracture repair, cruciate ligament, hip surgeries, and dislocations are offered as well. For those procedures that may need a more specialized level of care, specialists are available that come to our clinic or referral to a veterinary surgical specialist. Your doctor will discuss these options with you as necessary.

We focus on an individualized approach to each patient. Our doctors will always put our patients’ best interests first to ensure they receive all the things they need to get healthy. We will discuss your pet’s condition with you and be sure to give you all of the potential options available to accomplish this goal.


Our clinic has a state-of-the art surgical suite where our veterinarians perform all common procedures, including:

Surgery Services

  • Surgical Sterilization
  • Surgical Declawing
  • Surgical Extraction
  • Spay & Neuter
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Pathology
  • Microchip Services
  • General Surgery

After performing a complete examination and reviewing your pet's medical state, we will discuss treatment options that may include surgery and put together a plan that suits the needs of both you and your pet.

If surgery is recommended, you can feel comfortable knowing that our doctors will provide appropriate pain relief so that pain is identified and treated if present. Visual assessment and recording of vital signs is done by one of our trained veterinary surgical technicians. A technician is present during the entire surgery and recovery process to maintain the safety and comfort of your pet. We believe that keeping our patients safe and comfortable before, during and after surgery is of the greatest importance and an essential component of your pet's care.