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About Us

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We take pride in what we do

When considering a veterinarian, it is important to evaluate all elements of care the clinic may provide. Compassion, affordable cost, and quality are all important traits, but we aim to provide a level of care that exceeds all expectations. We look forward to continuing to grow with the Bel Air community and be there to provide the advice and care you need to have a happy, healthy pet! Please contact the office to ask any questions or to set up an appointment with one of our doctors!

Also, if Greenbrier Veterinary Clinic isn't convenient for you, see if one of our other locations are in your area! At Churchville Veterinary Clinic and Swan Creek, you'll be happy to find that these locations have the same quality care that we at Greenbrier have. No matter what location you choose, your pet will be in good hands.

Churchville Veterinary Clinic

Swan Creek Veterinary Clinic