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COVID-19 Curbside Protocol

Dear Friends,

Our top priority is the safety of our team members, doctors, clientele, and patients. As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues, we are doing our best to navigate this ever-changing environment. After consultation with the State of Maryland and in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control recommendations, modifications have been instituted to ensure safe social distancing and appropriate sanitation protocols. In the current environment, these measures are necessary to allow us to continue to see as many patients as possible through the day and not turn away those who need help. Effective immediately, all patients will be admitted into our hospitals by our staff members. All pet owners will be asked to stay on-site but remain outside the building. Please adhere to the following directions:

  • When you call to schedule your appointment, our customer service representative will review our protocol with you and email you a pre-visit questionnaire form to assist with pertinent information regarding the visit. Please fill out and submit prior to your visit.

  • When you are arriving at the office, please call or text the office phone number to let us know that you have arrived and what spot number you are in. Please try to arrive 5 minutes early if possible.

  • Our receptionist will gather information from you by phone, and then one of our team members will meet you at the curb to bring your pet inside. Please have a mask on and plan to meet our team member outside of your car. Our team members have been instructed not to enter anyone’s cars for safety purposes. Cats and small dogs should be in carriers and placed on the sidewalk in front of your car when our team member arrives. Larger patients should be on a leash. We will place one of our leashes on your pet, remove your leash, and take the patient inside the office. Clients are to remain on-site unless prior approval for a drop-off appointment was made.

  • Once we have examined your pet, the doctor will call you by phone to discuss what is going on and what is being recommended. Any pertinent documents and/or estimates will be reviewed as well.

  • After the exam and all approved services are completed, we will bring your pet back out to the car and complete the check-out process either via phone or at your car. As always, our convenient drop-off appointments will be available throughout the day for patients that may require more extended work-ups or if that is a more convenient option for you.

  • If you are coming to pick up any medications or foods, these will be done as a curbside service as well. Just give us a heads up that you are on your way, and we will do our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

  • We request that if possible, payment is made by credit card so that information may be handled by phone. Other forms of payment will still be honored though. Receipts may be emailed.

Important Reminders!!!

  • If you are not feeling well, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have had exposure to anyone that has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please refrain from coming to the office. We will do our best to address your concerns by telephone to help you out and keep everyone safe!

  • If your dog or cat is having respiratory symptoms, we may employ additional personal protective gear, as there have been rare reports of positive COVID-19 dogs and cats. Though we don’t yet know the importance of this as it relates to human exposure, weare taking the additional precautions.

  • For those individuals or patients that have the above concerns, please call the office first as we may want to schedule a phone consult or telemedicine consult (YES—we offer telemedicine now for those individuals impacted by COVID-19!!) prior to arrival at the office!

  • If your pet is in critical condition or coming in for euthanasia, we will certainly allow you to be with your pet after the initial evaluation is complete. One of our team members will guide you through the process after you check-in. This is assuming all COVID screening questions have been appropriately answered and masks are required to be worn inside the office at all times. In these circumstances, visitors will be limited to 1 or 2 individuals.

Please exercise all of the precautions that have been mentioned through the media with respect to minimizing your risk of contracting or transmitting this virus. Due to the changes, delays may occur during the visit. Please know that we aremaking every effort to minimize wait times!! Know that your pet is in good hands with us, and we will treat them with the same respect and love that you have come to know us for! If we are experiencing longer wait times, you may request that you leave your pet with us while you go and attend to your matters, and we can call you when services are completed! There are no additional charges for this service!

We’re all in this together, and we will all do our part to work through these challenging times!!! Thank you again for your patience, flexibility, and understanding. If you have any questions at all, just call the office, and we will guide you through everything!


The Doctors & Staff of Churchville, Greenbrier, & Swan Creek Veterinary Clinics