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COVID-19 Curbside Protocol

Updated 3/1/2022

To Our Beloved Clients,

We are excited to continue to offer both in-person and curbside visits to all 3 of our offices. Many clients have enjoyed being able to have us care for their pet while they wait in their car, so we will continue to offer this service as we move forward!

As we move forward, the availability of in-person visits will be tied directly to the local COVID-19 positivity rate as determined by the Harford County Health Department. As long as the local positivity rate in the county is <5%, we will continue to allow clients inside the office.

If the positivity rate elevates above 5%, then we may reserve the right to temporarily suspend in-person visits until the rate settles down. In addition, if we are having any COVID-19 issues within the office, it may necessitate going to curbside service to protect our clients. This change may have to be done at the last minute, but we will do our best to advise you should that happen.

There are a few restrictions that we will continue to keep in place for now. These include the following:

  • Masks will still be required to be worn over the nose and mouth at all times inside the office—no exceptions.

  • Due to the small size of our exam rooms, only a maximum of 2 individuals will be allowed at a time. In addition, 1 child under 13 years old may accompany the adult in person. If you have more children with you that need to come in, please advise our client care representative when you arrive. We will determine if we can accommodate you accordingly. If you have more individuals present, then they will have to wait outside or we can continue to accommodate the visit curbside. (Children should not be left alone in the car unattended!!)

  • Check-in procedures will remain the same—text (preferred) or call the office upon arrival. You may also come into the front office to advise us of your arrival, however if the waiting room is full, we may ask you to wait in the car for your safety. Our representative will escort you into the office once the room is ready.

  • We ask that you please use hand sanitizer or wash hands upon arrival.

  • Once in the exam room, face time with the doctor may be limited to a specified amount of time so that we can minimize close contact times. We promise to still answer all of your questions whether by further discussion on the phone or by follow up phone call after your visit if necessary!

  • For your safety and to allow for safe social distancing, clients will not be able to hold or restrain their own pets in the exam room during the examination process or while services are being performed.

  • Prescription and food pickups may be picked up in-person or curbside.

More specific details regarding any changes in protocols will be provided at the time of appointment booking.

Many people ask why we still require masks to be worn inside our offices. This is for the safety of our team and your safety as well. We all know that many individuals can be asymptomatic carriers of COVID, and we have individuals that we work with that are considered higher risk. We do this out of abundance of caution and care for our doctors, team members, and you as well! Our exam rooms are small and we do not have the ability to have any other type of barrier in exam rooms, so masks provide the simplest and most effective way to keep everyone healthy. This allows us to provide the best chance of uninterrupted service to you!

We understand that all of us fall within different levels of the spectrum on what businesses should or should not do. We completely respect those opinions, and in turn, we hope that you will respect ours as well. Even if you do not fully agree with the choices we make to maintain a safe environment for everyone, we ask that you please continue to maintain patience and respect in dealing with all of our team members. They have continued to work really hard in difficult and stressful situations to care for as many pets as we can! We greatly appreciate everyone’s trust in us to care for your furry friends!

Please do not hesitate to call the office directly to further discuss the visit process with one of our customer care representatives! We will continue to update you as needed on any further changes!

Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy! Look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Best Regards,

Richard P. Streett, III, D.V.M.

Managing Partner

Churchville, Greenbrier, & Swan Creek Veterinary Clinic